OSCC Timely Information received yesterday regarding Facebook group "Open Oregon"

December 11, 2020 7:31 AM | Anonymous

Last night, OSCC staff were made aware of an effort by the Facebook group ‘Open Oregon’ in response to the OR-OSHA Temporary COVID rules and enforcement activities. You may be aware, but this Facebook group has organized protests of 50-100 people at the homes of several OR-OSHA staff in response to enforcement action. Yesterday, Open Oregon asked their Facebook followers to generate complaints against businesses to flood the OR-OSHA complaint system, presumably to reduce the capacity for OR-OSHA to levy fines.  Open Oregon leaders asked members to target big box stores and those that have supported the state regulations during COVID-19.

We realize that local businesses are at their breaking point and wanted to make you aware of this effort.  OR-OSHA anticipates hundreds/ thousands of new anonymous complaints against businesses across Oregon, and these complaints could result in compliance letters being sent to your members by OR-OSHA.  If you hear of this effort in your community or against any of your members, please feel free to reach out to OSCC staff, jenny@pacounsel.org.  OSCC has voiced concerns about our members being subject to fraudulent complaints, and we are working with OR-OSHA to determine which complaints are legitimate vs. those that are the result of a call to action by Open Oregon.  We are also working alongside other business trade associations in this effort.   

Jessica Chambers

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