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Come and learn what the SBA can do for you!

Martin Golden, with the SBA, will be today's speaker. Martin D. Golden is the District Director for the Columbus district of the U.S. Small Business Administration.  As District Director, he is responsible for the delivery of all SBA programs and services in the central and southern portion of the state as well as coordination between the SBA, the district’s Small Business Development Centers, SCORE chapters, and the Women’s Business Center. Programs and services delivered by the SBA include the loan guaranty program, which is delivered through more than 140 eligible lenders, assistance in government contracting and exporting, and training.  The Columbus District Office, which covers 60 counties in the state, is located in Columbus with a branch office in Cincinnati and has a staff of 15 employees.

Mr. Golden has been a banker for 20 years; in 2007 he developed and executed a business plan for the startup of Marquette Healthcare Finance, a commercial finance company focused on lending to the healthcare industry across the nation.  Additionally, Mr. Golden was a member of the Board of Directors of Marquette Business Credit.

In addition to Marquette, Mr. Golden served in senior positions with leading financial institutions including GE Capital, Wells Fargo, and the Toronto-Dominion Bank.  Activities at these institutions focused on leveraged lending to healthcare services companies in the corporate and middle market. Prior to his finance career, Mr. Golden served on both active duty and as a reservist in the United States Navy as an Intelligence Officer.

Mr. Golden holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business/Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley.  He is married, has four children, and lives in Columbus, Ohio.

The Columbus District Office is located at 401 N. Front Street, Suite 200, in Columbus. More information is available on SBA programs and services by visiting the website www.sba.gov/oh/columbus or by calling (614) 469-6860.

Coffee and breakfast goodies will be provided. 

August 15| 7:30 - 9:00 am                          

Calaroga Terrace | 1400 NE 2nd Ave.


Visit our Facebook page to see photos of this year's golf tournament and golfers. Be sure to tag yourself and anyone you recognize. Have fun!

A note from Tri-Met: 

Summer is here and things are heating up at TriMet!  This is a quick note to update you on:

  1. Ticket Machine Transition
  2. Low Income Fare
  3. New Citations Process
  4. Paper tickets leaving Safeway and Albertsons in August

1. Ticket Machines are changing over to Hop Ticket Machines over the next few months.  These new machines will exclusively sell 2½-hour and 1-day Hop tickets. Unlike the plastic Hop cards, paper Hop tickets cannot be reloaded with value. Like the old tickets, Hop tickets purchased from a ticket machine will come pre-validated for immediate use, however the Hop tickets have electronics inside and you will need to tap on the Hop reader each time you transfer.

2. The Low Income Fare program launched July 2nd!  TriMet is looking for local community partners to provide on the ground outreach and application assistance to low income individuals across the Tri-County Area.  To learn more about this program check out https://trimet.org/lowincome/beta/index.htm and if you are interested in becoming a partner please contact diversity@trimet.org to learn more about this opportunity.

3. Our new Citations Process went into effect on July 1st.  Fare Evasion citations issued to adults are subject to a 90-day stay where the citation will not be filed in court until the end of the stay period provided the sole offense is Fare Evasion. During the 90-day stay period, the customer can resolve the citation administratively with TriMet through a fine, community service, or by enrolling in the low income fare or honored citizen program. The customer can also request a hearing with TriMet. Only when a customer does not resolve the citation within the 90-day stay period, is it filed with the court.  For more information Visit trimet.org/citation or call 503-238-RIDE (7433) to see if you qualify and for additional details.

4. Paper Tickets are beginning to transition out of stores starting in August.  Safeway and Albertsons will remove tickets from their shelves in August - although they will still carry paper LIFT paper passes. Kroger outlets, Fred Meyer and QFC, will continue to sell both Hop cards and paper tickets at their Customer Service centers until they transition to Hop cards only at a later date. If your organization purchases fares and you do not have an account to order Hop tickets, please contact us at hopoutreach@trimet.org as soon as possible. For more information, visit trimet.org/papertickets.

It is a busy time for all of us and there are a lot of changes happening at the same time.  We are committed to being available to help with any questions, concerns, or challenges as things move forward.  Please reach out to the Hop Outreach team if there is anything we can do to help!

Have a beautiful summer!

2018 MAGAZINE Have arrived!

EPCC MagazineWe are pleased to announce the 2018-19 East Portland Chamber of Commerce Business & Community Magazine has arrived and will be available at our next AM. Be sure to pick up a supply for your business or office. The publication is a beautiful, full-color glossy keepsake magazine filled with information about East Portland including dining, shopping, entertainment, parks and gardens, health and wellness, a business directory and more.

The EPCC Magazine will also be available digitally year-round on the East Portland Chamber of Commerce website. 

This magazine is sure to help brand the East Portland Chamber, increase the visibility of member businesses and the Chamber, as well as increase membership. This will be our third annual issue.   Download the 2018 EPCC Magazine.



The mission of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce is to provide a voice for business on the Eastside. The Chamber strives to work actively with existing business associations on the Eastside and with other private and public organizations that support business growth and development. Major areas of focus for the East Portland Chamber include educational forums for small businesses, regular networking events, timely information on tax, regulatory and governmental issues impacting business, support for grand openings and business expansions, leadership development, and participation in special events. 


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