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Topic: Transportation and PBOT’s policy goals, funding, recently completed projects and projects in the pipeline for east Portland.

Timur Ender is a capital project manager at the Portland Bureau of Transportation.  He began his career with the City as transportation policy advisor in City Hall working on Portland’s Vision Zero strategy, launching bike share, and transportation funding. 

More recently, Timur has been managing transportation infrastructure projects, primarily in East Portland.  These projects are funded through a variety of sources and aimed at improving safety and health outcomes, increasing the capacity of Portland’s transportation system, and maintaining the City’s infrastructure.  These projects generally involve safety improvements on high crash corridors, sidewalk infill, low-stress bicycle connections, and signalized pedestrian crossings, with an emphasis on reaching historically underinvested areas.  Collectively, these investments are aimed at improving the quality of life of all Portlanders and making it easier for residents to access schools, businesses, parks, transit, and economic opportunity. 

Timur can be reached at Timur.Ender@Portlandoregon.

Coffee and breakfast goodies will be provided by the East Portland Chamber of Commerce. 

August 22| 7:30 - 9:00 am                          

CherryWood Village | 1417 SE 107th Ave.


Visit our Facebook page to see photos of this year's golf tournament and golfers. Be sure to tag yourself and anyone you recognize. Have fun!

July 30, 2018 OSCC takes stand against tax hikes, endorses Measure 103 and Measure 104

Salem, OR – The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) announced today that the Board of Directors unanimously endorsed Measure 103 and Measure 104. The decision to endorse both measures came as a result of a thorough vetting process by both the Board of Directors and the Government Affairs Council at their meeting held Friday, July 27th.

Measure 103 would prohibit state and local taxes on groceries. If approved, the measure would permanently block taxes on groceries without specific voter approval. Measure 104 requires a three-fifths legislative supermajority vote for any legislation that raises revenue, including fees or the elimination of tax exemptions, deductions, or credits. Both measures will appear on the November 2018 ballot.

“By supporting these measures, OSCC is standing with Oregon’s businesses and families” stated Linda Moholt, OSCC Board Chair. “Measure 103 protects working families, seniors and low-income households who can least afford a tax on everyday needs.

“By supporting Measure 104, we reaffirm the decision made by Oregon voters over 20 years ago, ensuring that any legislation that raises revenue requires a three-fifths majority vote. It will also ensure that there is bipartisan discussion and support for any new revenue for the state.”

The support of both these measures align with OSCC’s 2018 Legislative Priorities, which oppose any taxes and revenue raising not supported by the business community.

OSCC is organized to give a voice to the local business communities throughout Oregon in support of policies that enable business success, job growth and income growth in each of Oregon’s local communities. OSCC believes that a healthy business climate, and the jobs that such a business climate creates, is the key to building up local communities, adequately funding social services and making Oregon prosperous. 

2018 MAGAZINE Have arrived!

EPCC MagazineWe are pleased to announce the 2018-19 East Portland Chamber of Commerce Business & Community Magazine has arrived and will be available at our next AM. Be sure to pick up a supply for your business or office. The publication is a beautiful, full-color glossy keepsake magazine filled with information about East Portland including dining, shopping, entertainment, parks and gardens, health and wellness, a business directory and more.

The EPCC Magazine will also be available digitally year-round on the East Portland Chamber of Commerce website. 

This magazine is sure to help brand the East Portland Chamber, increase the visibility of member businesses and the Chamber, as well as increase membership. This will be our third annual issue.   Download the 2018 EPCC Magazine.



The mission of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce is to provide a voice for business on the Eastside. The Chamber strives to work actively with existing business associations on the Eastside and with other private and public organizations that support business growth and development. Major areas of focus for the East Portland Chamber include educational forums for small businesses, regular networking events, timely information on tax, regulatory and governmental issues impacting business, support for grand openings and business expansions, leadership development, and participation in special events. 


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