Town Hall AM 

March 20 | 7:30 - 9:00 am

Arcadia Senior Living | 13031 SE Foster Rd

The Equal Pay laws will touch all businesses. Ignorance may not be your best defense should you find yourself in violation of the Equal Pay Act. Christine will share "Best Practices for Complying with Pay Equity Laws."

Enforcement of pay equity laws is on the rise.  Oregon’s Equal Pay Law is the most expansive in the nation, requiring pay equity for all protected classes, not just gender.  This law also prohibits seeking and relying on pay history, increases the cost of noncompliance, and provides a valuable safe harbor from liability.  Learn about the evolving legal requirements of Oregon’s and federal pay equity laws, and specific actions, initiatives and processes employers can implement to minimize risk and limit exposure.

Coffee and breakfast goodies sponsored by EPCC. Facility sponsored by Arcadia Senior Living.

Town Hall AM 

7:30 - 9:00 am

Arcadia Senior Living | 13031 SE Foster Rd

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Cap and trade hurts manufacturers, weakens Oregon's economy

Dear OSCC members and colleagues -

Cap-and-trade has far-reaching consequences for Oregon. Beyond raising prices for everyday items like gasoline and food, HB 2020 would hurt Oregon's economy by putting thousands of jobs at risk for in the manufacturing sector. Supporters of the bill have even acknowledged the impact the proposed bill would have on manufacturing. And because of the importance of the manufacturing sector to Oregon's economy, other sectors will also be weakened as a result.

Cap-and-trade, as envisioned in House Bill 2020, would sacrifice many Oregon manufacturing jobs. Even those who seek to offset jobs losses in one manner or another underestimate the tidal wave of economic damage that would flow from a poorly designed carbon-reduction program. As currently written, HB 2020 would lead key industries to reduce their Oregon presence, remove major employers from rural communities and increase costs for the manufacturers that remain. Read the full article here.

OSCC continues to ask for your assistance to shine a light on the negative impacts of cap-and-trade. Individual chambers can start by joining the Partnership for Oregon Communities. The Partnership will coordinate grassroots voices with concerns about the rising costs of fuel and energy.

Email to join the coalition. OSCC will continue to follow up as we learn of opportunities for public testimony and engagement with the legislature. 

OSCC has issued an ACTION ALERT for HB 2020 (Cap & Trade) for all legislators. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP WITH YOUR MESSAGE. 


Best regards,

JL Wilson & Jenny Dresler

Legislative Counsel



Oregon State Chamber of Commerce
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The mission of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce is to provide a voice for business on the Eastside. The Chamber strives to work actively with existing business associations on the Eastside and with other private and public organizations that support business growth and development. Major areas of focus for the East Portland Chamber include educational forums for small businesses, regular networking events, timely information on tax, regulatory and governmental issues impacting business, support for grand openings and business expansions, leadership development, and participation in special events. 

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