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Update from Representative Chris Gorsek on upcoming special session on coronavirus

March 19, 2020 10:54 AM | Anonymous

In an effort to prepare for the upcoming special session to address the coronavirus pandemic and ensure we’re communicating the needs of our constituents as efficiently as possible I wanted to reach out. I would like to ask each of you to work together with your respective jurisdictions to provide any requests for assistance, suggestions for policy changes, or any useful idea you have that could be implemented at the legislative level related to the coronavirus response.
For example, we’ve shared with Governor Brown’s office some issues we’ve seen where certain funding formulas could incentivize the kind of in-person contact we now need to limit. After hearing from a number of legislators who were hearing similar concerns from their constituents there was a change in rule that provided some flexibility for local jurisdictions. Just off the top of my head; I can imagine there are issues you all might have related to conducting business using virtual channels that might need to be addressed and debated so that we might balance openness and public safety to provide needed policy changes.
Since idea generation as well as efficient and effective use of resources are key to ensuring the best possible results please feel free to include any idea, no matter how far afield. I think it is encouraging for us all that leaders from every corner of the state are coming together to ask for and provide solutions.  I’m reaching out to each of you to ensure that my office is working with a similar sense of purpose and duty. Please, also feel free to call either my chief of staff, Jason, at 503-473-5633 or myself at 503-901-6052 on our mobile numbers should you have any more immediate questions are concerns. We’re in contact with the Governor’s office and the Oregon Health Authority on daily conference calls to ensure we have the latest possible guidance.
Thank you all for the work that you are doing to meet the needs of your community. Take care of yourselves as well, we need you!
State Representative Chris Gorsek
503.986.1449 | District 49 - Troutdale
Pronouns I respond to: he/him/his


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