ACTION ALERT - CAP and TRADE opponent under attack

August 13, 2019 3:44 PM | Anonymous

Show support for Senator Monnes Anderson

Dear members and colleagues -

See below.


Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson listened and responded to the voices in her community to the cost and unfairness embedded in the 'Cap and Trade' bill.   In particular, the voice of her local business community in the Gresham Chamber.

As you can see, she is being torn down by the environmentalists.  They are, of course, staging this pressure campaign to compel her to switch her vote in the 2020 session.

Now is a good time to surround Laurie with authentic care, thanks, and support from your community.

A personal note of thanks to her would be very timely.

This is a perfect time to differentiate ourselves from our opponents in tone, tenor and support.


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