OSCC Daily Legislative Update June 23, 2017

June 26, 2017 9:15 AM | Deleted user

Dear OSCC Members & Colleagues:

Here is your daily update.

What's happening:

  1. The House is convening today in a special Friday session to vote on HB 2060-A which repeals the small business tax cut passed by the 2013 legislatureOSCC has issued a floor letter on this bill.
  2. As highlighted in The Oregonian yesterday, we do not believe we will see additional efforts to pass either comprehensive tax legislation or PERS reform.
  3. Predictive scheduling - SB 828 - passed the Senate yesterday with a strong 23-5 bipartisan vote. We expect quick passage in the House as well. The bill requires 7-day advance notice of scheduling with additional wages due for scheduling changes. It applies to retailers, hospitality establishments and food service establishments with 500 or more employees. In return, business gets a preemption on all local workplace scheduling ordinances.
  4. We continue to believe that a major agreement is holding on a transportation package (HB 2017) and expect to see amendments by Monday.

What to watch for today:

We'll be watching the House floor vote on HB 2060-A today. It is an extraordinary development to see that House leadership is moving toward a direct $200 million tax on small business.

OSCC Activity:

OSCC has issued an ACTION ALERT on HB 2060-A. If the House passes HB 2060-A (which we expect it will with the narrowest majority possible), we will issue the Action Alert again for the Senate.

Best regards,

Alison Hart
Executive Director


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