Oregon State Chamber of Commerce Announces 2017 Legislative Priorities

January 23, 2017 1:08 PM | Deleted user

Oregon State Chamber of Commerce announces 2017 Legislative priorities Salem, OR – The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) announced today its list of Legislative priorities for 2017. OSCC represents 84 local Chambers of Commerce across the state. 

“The 2017 OSCC Legislative Agenda is a reflection of our collective desire to see that every Oregon community is able to grow and develop a vibrant local economy that can support each community’s needs. We are good corporate citizens and will come to the table with our colleagues to help develop a revenue platform that business can support. However that cannot take place without meaningful spending reforms that get the most out of every hard-earned taxpayer dollar,” said Colene Martin, OSCC Vice and Legislative Committee Chair. 

For 2017, OSCC requests that the Oregon Legislature take immediate action to address Oregon’s transportation needs. The OSCC also asks that the Oregon Legislature “pause” on any additional measures that would impose new costs or regulatory challenges for local businesses. Local business communities across Oregon need time to deal with the new 2015 and 2016 laws without additional costs, challenges and uncertainty. 

OSCC supports: 

  1. Comprehensive transportation funding package (with real low carbon fuel standard cost containment). 
  2. Pre-emption of local employment regulations. 
  3. Expanding eligibility for the 2013 ‘small business tax cut’. 
  4. Increased availability and affordability of workforce housing. 
  5. Increased resources for mental health programs and homelessness prevention. 
  6. Land use/UGB expansion for industrial development and housing. 

OSCC opposes: 

  1. Predictive Scheduling mandate. 
  2. Employer-funded ‘paid family leave’ program. 
  3. ‘Cap and Trade,’ carbon tax, or Cleaner Air Oregon regulations that imposes burdensome costs on local manufacturers. 
  4. Increasing damage awards for liability, medical lawsuits. 
  5. Elimination of the small business tax cut. 
  6. Taxes not supported by the business community. 

OSCC is organized to give a voice to the local business communities throughout Oregon in support of policies that enable business success, job growth and income growth in each of Oregon’s local communities. OSCC believes that a healthy business climate, and the jobs that such a business climate creates, is the key to building up local communities, adequately funding social services and making Oregon prosperous. 

Contact: Alison Hart, Executive Director
Oregon State Chamber of Commerce


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