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The East Portland Chamber of Commerce Urges You to Vote NO on Measure 97

October 18, 2016 11:12 AM | Deleted user

The East Portland Chamber of Commerce strongly opposes Measure 97 because the facts are clear – it is a $6 billion back door sales tax would harm Oregon consumers and small businesses with no guarantee the money would go to education or anything else.

We’re urging you to vote NO on Measure 97 and to spread the word to others.

Measure 97 is a tax on total sales – not profits – that would increase consumer costs for all types of products and services. It has no exemptions – most costs would be passed on to Oregon consumers and small businesses through higher prices for everything from food, clothing, gasoline, utilities, cars and housing to phone service, insurance, medicine and healthcare.

The nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office concluded Measure 97 would increase costs for a typical family by $600 per year, and that it would especially hurt low- and middle-income families and seniors who can least afford it.

Measure 97 would cause the loss of 38,000 local jobs, according to the State of Oregon’s study.

And, as we wrote above, there would be no guarantee that the money would go to education, healthcare or seniors. The Legislature’s own top legal authority has stated the Legislature could spend the money “in any way it chooses.”

Ballots will be arriving next week. Now is the time for us to be actively involved to help defeat Measure 97.

The NO on 97 campaign has resources you can share, such as:

  • Breakroom posters
  • Easy-to-customize emails, website content and social media
  • Store, lawn and road signs
  • Bumper stickers, lapel stickers, window signs
  • Fact sheets
  • And much more

Contact the campaign at to request materials and a member of their team will get them to you right away.

Visit and learn why the East Portland Chamber of Commerce has joined the coalition of more than 26,000 Oregon consumers, small businesses, family farmers, healthcare professionals, educators, community leaders and organizations from every part of the state in urging you to vote NO on Measure 97 this November. 

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