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Take Action to Better Fitness Today

November 27, 2019 9:42 AM | Jeff Patterson

Action (TNT) – Action Today Not Tomorrow.

a- What can you do today for your fitness? Walk, run, lift weights, practice martial arts, stretch etc…
b- What can you do today for continuing education? Read a book, listen to audio book, classes, documentaries etc…
c- What can you do today to improve your relationships? Go to lunch with a friend, call your parents, plan a date with your significant other etc…
d- Think of how your schedule affects you. Do you control the flow of your time or do you let it control you?
e- Think of something that is important to you. You can always make time for it. If you don’t, then it really isn’t a priority.
f- In Martial Arts, practice makes perfect. Repetition is the key to mastery. Think of one technique you want to improve on. Take 5-10 minutes every day outside of class for the next week, and study it like you were going to have to teach it to another student as if you were an expert on it.

For more on these ideas check out this article. 

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