Leach Garden's Crowdfunding Effort to Raise Money for Aerial Treewalk

October 11, 2017 4:03 PM | Deleted user

To my fellow East Portland Chamber Members:

You know that I’ve been working on the Upper Garden project and particularly the Aerial Treewalk at Leach Garden for seven years.  I do this in the spirit of Lilla and John Leach who created their gardens and home and gave them to the residents of Portland.  They wanted to ensure that new generations of visitors would delight in discovering the plant world in a magical place of beauty and respite.

The Garden opened to the public 34 years ago in East Portland. But the Leach estate was limited in its ability to welcome large numbers of visitors. With the future in mine, land has been acquired in anticipation of this project. Now we are ready to meet today’s challenge--We need your help to build the Aerial Treewalk, a unique feature in the region where anyone can become truly immersed in nature and the outdoors, safely and accessibly.

So I am writing to ask that you join me—however you can—to make this dream project a reality.  We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to give everyone in our community a chance to make this happen for all of us—Portlanders and visitors, young and old, newly-arrived or longtime residents.  The new facilities and gardens at Leach will insure that it continues to be a place like no other.

Will you do two things on behalf of the Garden?   Will you click on the link to the crowdfunding page and make a contribution?  Leach Garden Friends has successfully raised over $ 1 million toward this project.   We are confident we will break ground and build the Treewalk and new gardens midyear in 2018.

Secondly—and maybe most important—will you forward this email to your circle of friends and family and encourage them to take a look at the crowdfunding link?   Even if they don’t know about Leach, I think they will be intrigued because of the unique story of the Leaches and the character of this unexpected gem in the urban landscape. 

That’s where you can make a difference—every dollar or dime you give to the crowdfund will help us achieve the new vision for Leach. 

Join me today by visiting https://www.oregonskitchentable.org/leach-treewalk to donate.  Click on the “Fund this Project” on the bottom or right hand side of the page to give.

Again, just as importantly, please share and post on Facebook, email or wherever you find an interested ear to help spread the word! This crowdfund is our chance to transform a one-of-a-kind garden retreat into a more accessible and enchanting community resource for all of us.

Warm regards,

David Porter


6704 SE 122nd Ave

Portland, OR  97236




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