New In-Home Personal Chef Services Available in Portland

December 11, 2016 7:52 PM | Deleted user

Portland Chef Vanessa Basil has established a new company, Custom Cuisines LLC, (Custom Cuisines) to provide personal culinary services in-home using client-provided supplies and equipment.

“This is not catering.” says Basil. “We do not have pre-set menus and we do not have delivery charges. Instead, we cook your food in your kitchen either with you or on our own.”

Custom Cuisines provides individualized service to people who want help with mealtimes or special occasions. Relationships with their clients revolve around the clients’ food preferences, dietary needs, and physical limitations.

This is a new and unique service in the Portland area. It is particularly valuable for people who are busy, home-bound, or hosting a special event at home.

Custom Cuisines offers a free phone and in-home consultation. During the home visit, the chef and client discuss food and meal goals, assess the kitchen space, and develop a working plan for the service experience.

Custom Cuisines is licensed and insured in the city of Portland. Chef Basil has fourteen years of commercial food preparation experience including multiple high volume and client focused locations. She started Custom Cuisines to bring her love of cooking directly into Portland homes while creating a more personalized culinary experience for the community.

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