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A better way to handle the legal challenges your business faces every day!

April 21, 2024 6:11 AM | Ron Schmidt

A better way to handle the legal challenges your business faces every day!

How many of these  areas of challenge do YOU manage today? 

How would it feel if you could pass these onto top attorneys at a low monthly rate?

HR & Employment Matters: Handling hiring, firing, and managing employees while staying compliant with employment laws. 

Cash Flow Management and AR Recovery: Managing incoming and outgoing finances, including accounts receivable recovery to ensure a healthy cash flow. 

Customer, Vendor, and Supplier Disputes: Resolving conflicts with customers, vendors, or suppliers to maintain positive relationships and business operations. 

Protecting Assets from Business Risk: Implementing strategies to shield assets from business liabilities and risks. 

Business Plan Strategies & Succession Planning: Developing long-term business plans and strategies, as well as planning for the future of the business through succession planning. 

Contract and Document Review: Reviewing contracts and legal documents for clarity and to mitigate risks. 

Property & Equipment Leasing: Deciding on leasing arrangements for business premises and equipment to optimize resources. 

Tax Codes & Tax Audits: Staying informed about tax regulations and navigating tax audits to avoid penalties and maintain compliance. 

Consumer Law: Understanding consumer protection laws and addressing any legal threats or disputes that may arise. 

Policy & Procedure Review to Address Ever-Changing Regulations & Legislation: Regularly reviewing and updating policies and procedures to align evolving regulations and legislation to ensure compliance and mitigate risks

How your small business can benefit from LegalShield. 

Make educated decisions instead of “stressing and guessing”: Without access to affordable legal advice, business people often “stress and guess” and make uninformed decisions that can lead to bad legal outcomes. 

Affordable monthly rates vs. high hourly rates: As LegalShield’s monthly membership rates are so affordable, you no longer have to choose between trying to fix complex legal problems on your own or hiring an expensive lawyer. 

Be proactive, don’t play defense: You have access to legal help from experienced lawyers whenever you need it. 

Here are services offered by LegalShield’s Small Business Plans: 

Legal advice and consultation on unlimited business matters 

Business letters and phone calls made on your behalf 

Contract and business related document review 

Debt collection assistance 

And more! 

With a LegalShield business plan, you get access to affordable business lawyers who can help you with your business legal needs while you focus on building your business. Call now for details!

Ron Schmidt LegalShield Director US & Canada

EPCC Director, Member Development Committee & EPCC Liaison to OAME

Business Plans Employee Group  & Broker Certified 

503-539-6817 cell/text   Ron@ThePlanningGroup.ORG www.ThePlanningGroup.ORG  to see more about Family, Small Business & Employee Benefits or to enroll 

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