State Treasurer, Ted Wheeler, addresses EPCC

October 29, 2015 2:30 PM | Anonymous
On October 14, 2015, Oregon State Treasurer, Ted Wheeler spoke to the East Portland Chamber at the Government and Economic Affairs meeting. After warming up the crowd with a story about one of his early adventures in the business world of Video recording he moved on to more current topics of his role as the State Treasurer and his Campaign for Mayor of the city of Portland. (By the way his business adventure was a story about the excellent quality and superior performance of BetaMax video. His business did not last.) That being said, Wheeler has seen some great success in his role as the state treasurer. His presentation focused on the retirement plan that the state has mandated for businesses in the state to offer in 2017. The compelling arguments come from the dismal statistics about current retirement savings by working people in America. To read the full article, click HERE!

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