Residential Sales Consultant with CertaPro Painters of Gresham

September 11, 2018 9:58 AM | Dennis Hodge

Mission for Residential Sales Consultant with CertaPro Painters of Gresham

To ensure that every customer receives an extraordinary experience by understanding their needs, relay that information to our production team, and maintaining a relationship with the customer throughout the entire job and beyond. Which will ultimately deliver $1MM or more in revenue within the first 3 years and consistently deliver year over year.


  • 1.       Deliver an Extraordinary Experience to our Customers
  • a.       Execute all steps of the 10+1 sales system
  • b.       Conduct proper handoffs with painters
  • c.       Set proper expectations with customers and ensure they were delivered
  • d.       Understand what the customer values and determine how we can deliver
  • 2.       Maintain a SR% of 50% or more
  • a.       Continually approve on sales practices
  • b.       Foster relationships with painters so they can deliver what you sell
  • c.       Maintain relationship with Previous Customers to continually offer new services
  • 3.       Maintain a Slippage rate of 12% or less
  • a.       Manage your time and estimating calendar
  • b.       Work closely with Zee to develop lead flow plan
  • 4.       Be a brand ambassador for CertaPro Painters
  • a.       Seek out and attend community events
  • b.       Where the gold as often as appropriate
  • c.       Support the development of marketing and lead development initiatives

Critical Competencies:

Listening Skills: Lets others speak and seeks to understand their viewpoints.

Communication: Speaks and writes clearly and articulately without being overly verbose or talkative. Maintains this standard in forms of written communication including e-mail.

Persistence: Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.

Follow-through on commitments: Lives up to verbal and written agreements.

Flexibility/adaptability: Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complexity and change

Attention to detail: Does not let important details slip through the cracks or derail a project.

Efficiency: Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort

Organization and Planning: Plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets in an efficient, productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.

Calm under pressure: Maintains stable performance when under heavy pressure or stress.

Persuasion: Able to convince others to pursue a course of action.

Creativity/innovation: Generates new and innovative approaches to problems


Cultural Competencies

Honesty/integrity: Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidences. Does what is right not what is most profitable. Speaks plainly and truthfully.

High standards: Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.

Teamwork: Reaches out to peer and cooperates with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship.

Proactivity: Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.

Enthusiasm: Exhibits passion and excitement over work. Has a can-do attitude.

Work ethic: Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Has a track record of working hard.

Openness to criticism and ideas: Often solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback.

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